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Cash Dispenser

NMD 100

The Notes and Media Dispenser (NMD 100)is a tower configuration, friction feed multi-denomination mechanism, offering front or rear delivery of banknotes and other value media, such as tickets, stamps, phone cards and vouchers.

NMD 100 offers best in class functionality and lowest cost to own. The mechanism is fully modular to allow flexible configuration from 1 to 6 denominations and its design provides high reliability with no adjustments or planned maintenance.

The single note reject function enables fast transactions and also accelerates reconciliation at the end of the day with few notes to handle from the Reject Vault.
The bundle presenter provides enhanced security as the mechanism remains in full control of the notes until taken by the customer. A separated bundle retract function ensures maximum visibility of uncollected notes or fraudulent transactions.

NMD 100 Note Cassette
Advanced design techniques and plastic technology have been used to develop strong and secure cassettes that are light and easy to use. The cassette interlocks both mechanically and electronically allowing for service access without the need to remove cassettes from the machine. Individual replenishment of cassettes without removing the machine from service, maximises availability.
NMD 100 is designed in accordance with the recommendations of leading international Standards Organisations to allow for final approval when installed in complete systems